COMING QUICK: March 31st, April 1st, 2nd at Danspace Project

the first days of spring, as seasons, sea change to open, an offering to accept.

Hey you,


It's me again. (That closeup of my face is a bit much, no?) I have this show coming up next week and it would be lovely to see you there. It is kind of funny when I read the promotional material over again and see the words "Asian male identity" because I am not sure there really is one. One that is solidified in some amalgamation of accepted consciousness. There is a power in that: the nature of the unknown as one can create and conversely, that same inability to locate something can leave one drifting in a primordial state.

I've been thinking about the hyphen: a fine line between the one label and another, the add on, the specification, and its just this fine line to differentiate between one or the other or one and the other or one with the other or one with this but not to be confused with. In Mandarin, the character for above, 上, and for below, 下, can be combined to form , 卡, which is a character that means, above all, to be stuck. The two share this fine line, a hyphen basically. However, is it a static space, to be stuck in the middle, to be locked between two spaces? Is this fine line inhabitable, even if it proves to be an uncomfortable space?

To continue this thread, I have tapped into a Taoist notion: what is above form is Tao, what is below form is a tool- tool in Mandarin also being synonymous with "container" or "vessel." (Fun fact: my middle initial just so happens to be the character for Taoism. That said, I am not an expert or a scholar or a even a dabbler in Taoism.)

So how much should I reveal? Always a question. How much agency does a vessel have? In 1, this useless tool, this folded flower, I was thinking a lot about desire and objectification, un/desired whiteness, and this companion piece upcoming shares in that notion.

I could continue, however, I have no true answers so it will last a lifetime. However, I would love to share this space with you, in the coming week, in search of this fine line.

If you are interested in reading or seeing more, here are a few links.

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1, this useless tool, this folded flower (Libretto) (

Thank you for taking the time if you got this far. I am grateful and impressed.

Turtle power, Enrico