Drawn to the internal structures within Urgel3 - of forms that support and contain - enrico d. wey forges a dialogue between the shell and its contents, or the inherent tension embodied in their coexistence. There is an inevitability. The frame, this exoskeleton, allows for a process of development, the interior spaces of which will undoubtedly exceed its exterior capacities. shed season approaches body, object and space as a combined entity in a layered rumination on these dynamics. Utilizing the ‘limitations’ of the playground, the body, and the generous offerings from artists Elena and Isabel Pan de Soraluce, Wey, joined by Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, considers the slow approach and the rapid descent of a threshold once passed, leaving behind a husk, not empty, but containing the weight of what once was.


of song draped low in slung branches

a fade of flowers to silken shards

an opening strains

in threads thin